Yoopik Lock Picking Set 17 Pieces with Clear Transparent Padlock and Euro Cylinder for Lockpicking Training and Practice…

Have you ever wondered what is inside a lock? What does picking a lock mean and how it is done? With the Yoopik lock pick set and practice locks

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Have you ever wondered what is inside a lock? What does picking a lock mean and how it is done?
With the Yoopik lock pick set and practice locks you will be able to finally understand and even pick a lock by yourself (no, it is nothing like you see in the movies).
You will get a full set of picks that you will be able to use on other locks once you master the art, and 2 different locks to practice on to get you to the point where you will actually understand lock picking. This hobby can become addictive once mastered and you will keep looking for harder locks to pick open. The satisfaction of getting a lock picked is amazing and you will be easily hooked and wanting for more. The pick set is comprehensive enough to tackle different situations and needs and as you develop the skill you will find your preferred tools for each lock.
The padlock and the double cylinder lock give you the option of practicing on different types of lock that require different approaches and tools. That will help you master the art and take you to the big leagues where you will be able to pick actual locks just by developing the feel for it. Get it as a brain teaser, a gift for a friend, an introduction to the world of locksmiths or to pick up a new skill that will impress your friends.

This set includes:

  • 17 piece lock pick set that includes 12 picks and 5 torque wrenches
  • Carrying pouch for the lock picks
  • Clear practice padlock with two keys
  • Brass practice double cylinder lock with two keys
  • How-to guide to help you understand how lock work and how to pick locks (will be sent to your email when your order is on it’s way)
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    SEE INSIDE: The YOOPIK set of picks and clear practice locks is a fascinating way to visualize and understand how a lock works and will finally help you make sense of what is required to pick locks open.
    TWICE THE PRACTICE: The YOOPIK set features 2 different locks for you to practice on, so that you can gain more experience and sharpen your skill.
    TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: The picks can be used on real locks and padlocks so you can take this hobby from amateur to pro in no time.
    YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT: This is a must for a beginner locksmith, someone looking for a new challenging hobby or even if you just wanted to understand the principle of how a lock works.
    EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The set includes 12 picks and 5 torque wrenches, a clear padlock with 2 keys, a brass double cylinder lock with 2 keys and a how-to guide to get you started with picking locks (The eBook will be sent to your email once the item is ready to be delivered- check your inbox and your spam folder). If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, full refund is guaranteed.