Tobos Screen Protector Tempered Glass,[Anti-Fingerprint][No-Bubble][Scratch-Resistant] Glass Screen Protector

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Have a blast from the past and enjoy freshly made popcorn like they did in movie theatres with this terrific old fashioned popcorn maker!

This Carnival Popcorn maker introduces a healthier option for the popcorn lover. The popcorn is made by the circulations of hot air, rather than the traditional approach of cooking u sing oil. Easy to clean – simply wipe with a tissue, the carnival popcorn maker is perfect fresh popcorn whilst watching a move, or just when you fancy a delicious snack.

Homemade food products are always the healthier choice, and the Mini Popcorn Maker is no exception. It runs on electricity without any need for oil or gas, making popcorn that is tasty and healthy.

This amazing vintage popcorn maker is great for all your parties and celebrations thanks to its original retro design and its ease of use. With popcorn maker you can prepare delicious popcorns in few minutes (up to 10 portions each time). This original and useful popcorn maker is a beautiful copy of the popcorn carts you could see at the fairground at the beginning of the 20th century. Surprise and entertain your kids transforming your house into a fairground thanks to the Carnival popcorn maker. Enjoy fresh popcorns with your family and friends!

Health Popcorn Maker

Our popcorn maker does not require the addition of oil, so the popcorn it produces is virtually fat free, and an excellent source of fibre. The hot-air circulation system eliminates the need to use butter or oil, reducing the calorie content.
Bring the fun of the carnival to your living room with our retro-style popcorn maker
Healthy popcorn – made by hot air, no oil or butter is required, meaning a virtually fat-free treat!
Easy to use, just add a scoop of corn kernels and switch on for a bowl full of delicious light and fluffy popcorn in minutes
Mains powered Retro 30’s style Popcorn Maker. Easy to use and clean
Easy to use and clean