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This condenser tumble dryer boasts a huge 8kg capacity that can hold up to 40 t-shirts or king size bedding in one load. This sensor tumble dryer is rated B for energy and comes with a sensor drying feature. This feature ensures that the dryer stops its cycle when the contents of the drum is dry. This can therefore save on electricity as the dryer is not continuing to run unnecessarily.

As well as the sensor drying, this tumble dryer comes with a delay start option slowing you to set the dryer to start the cycle during the night. Not only is this convenient due to your clothes being ready and dry in the mornings, but this can help save on energy bills due to using cheaper electricity in the evenings. The RH8CTD600 comes with a fluff filter and fluff filter indicator, alerting you when the filter needs cleaning and allowing you to keep your dryer working to the best of its ability for longer.

● Maximum drying capacity: 8kg
● Sensor drying: switches off when clothes are dry
● LED display
● 12 programmes
● Stainless steel drum
● Fluff filter
● Product dimensions (CMs):

Boasting as many as 12 programmes to choose from, you can tailor the dryer to your specific laundry needs. These include: Full load, delicates cycle, anti-crease cycle and many more.


Should you have uneven floors, The Russell Hobbs RH8CTD600 comes with adjustable feet, so you can ensure your appliance is correctly balanced when installed.

Dimensions of the RH8CTD600 are :
(H)84.5 x (W)59.5 x (D)61.5

*This product comes with a free one year manufacturer warranty. A free second year warranty is available upon registration with Product Care via http://www.productcareuk.com/register-your-product/

Huge 8Kg Drying Capacity, enough for up to 40 T-shirts or king size bedding in one load.
White Condensor Tumble Dryer – No Vent Needed
Sensor drying: switches off automatically when clothes are dry, therefore not continuing the cycle unnecessarily and wasting time and money.
12 Drying Programmes including a delicates, freshen up and anti crease function. LED display and delayed timer, allowing you to set the cycle to start at a time that suits you. Complete with a child safety lock giving you peace of mind that the door will not be opened by children during the cycle.
Product dimensions (CMs): (H)84.5 x (W)59.5 x (D)61.5