Vitinni Raclette Grill with Stone Hot Plate & Fondue Set

Vitinni Raclette Party Grill with Fondue Set

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Vitinni Raclette Party Grill with Fondue Set

Incredible 8 person Raclette Grill with mini pans and spatulas, from Vitinni, featuring an aluminium griddle with round stone plate plus stainless steel fondue set.

Perfect for Dinner Parties

This fun Raclette Grill with Fondue Set is perfect for events and holidays, serving up to 8 people and ideal for preparing meat, fish, cheese and more! It’s the perfect way to provide food and entertainment for your friends and family!

8 Individual Self-Serve Pans

8 mini pans, made from strong, lightweight aluminium with insulating plastic handles, and a wooden spatula for each one, make it easy for your guests to cook their own portions. With no oil needed, it’s a healthy way of cooking, locking in moisture and flavour. The fondue pot is perfect for melting cheese or chocolate and with 8 colour-coded forks, people can help themselves!

Versatile Cooking for Delicious Results

The high-walled pans are ideal for eggs, sauces or melting cheese, while the grill plate to the top provides plenty of space to fry your ingredients, such as steak, skewers, seafood and veg. There is also a round stone hot plate that can be used for grilling, or for heating the fondue pot.

Easy to Use and Clean

The upper plates are removable so they’re easy and quick to clean. The temperature dial controls the heat perfectly, with a light to show when it’s hot. It’s designed to evenly distribute the heat so everyone can enjoy their food at the same time.

Powerful & Portable

With 1200W power, you can use this versatile grill anywhere with electricity – indoors or outdoors, at an event or on holiday.


Size: 47.5cm (W) x 12cm (H) x 32cm (D)
Cooking surface: 40cm (W) x 30cm (D) oval (approx.)
Power: 1200W; 220-240V
Weight: 2.5kg
Fun raclette party grill with versatile hot plate and fondue pot, ideal for entertaining up to 8 people with fun and food!
Featuring a large aluminium griddle for and round stone hot plate, heated by 1200W with thermostatic temperature control for great results every time
8 individual pans for grilling portions, each with a wooden spatula, so everyone can serve themselves from the sizzling plate or melt portions under the grill
Also comes with a stainless steel fondue set that heats up on the stone hot plate, with colour coded forks perfect for cheese or chocolate dipping!
Specifications: 47.5cm (W) x 12cm (H) x 32cm (D); Power: 1200W