Sedhoom Manual Food Chopper 5 Blades 1000 ml, Powerful Easy Pull Upgraded Hand Held Vegetable Onion Chopper/Food…

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Our food processor small/garlic/onion chopper is able to chop fruits/vegetables/onions/garlics/herbs/nuts/ for salsa/salad/ puree/pesto/coleslaw.

Steps for Chopping:
Step1: Put the food processor small/manual food chopper’s blade holder in the food hand chopper. Connect it with the core firmly.
Step2: Put the prepared vegetables into the mini chopper. (Do NOT put the whole vegetable directly into the chopper. Please cut it apart into large pieces by blade before chopping.)
Step3: Cover the vegetable cutter with the lid. Note: a) Connect the spindle on the lid with the hole of the blade holder. b) Lock the lid to the onion cutter with Snap-on design.
Step4: Steady the hand hold chopper with a hand and pull the ring back and forth. Note: 1) Please do NOT pull the ring too drastically. We recommend a same frequency each time you pull the ring. Do NOT pull the ring all the way out. 2) You can mix different vegetables in the bow and chop them together. 3) The green oval on the lid is just for decoration. It does not have any function for the handheld vegetable chopper.

Please clean the manual vegetable chopper/food processor small after using it. Do NOT let the blade dip into the water for long time. In order to avoid rusting, please keep it dry after you clean the chopper. Tips: a) add some vegetable oil will help you clean the handheld food chopper more thoroughly. b) pull the ring will help you drain off the water inside the lid after you wash it.
1) Please keep the product away from the fire or high temperature.
2) NOT apply to microwave or any kinds of ovens.
3) The blades are very sharp. Please be careful and keep it away from children.
4) Do NOT disassemble or attempt to repair the product. If you have any problems, please contact us.

Package Contains:
1 x Hand Held Chopper Main Unit with a blade holder
1 x Blender
1 x Lid
1 x User Manual

HIGH EFFICIENCY: Five sharp blades, perfect for chopping vegetables, dicing fruits, blending boneless meat and more. 1000 ml capacity, quite enough for kitchen use, travel and camping.
SAFE TO USE: Made of high quality food-grade materials. BPA free. No hazard for your health. The lid will be safely locked to the bow while you pulling the ring.
EASY TO CLEAN: Blades, bowl and storage lid are top-rank dishwasher safe. They can be disassembled easily for quick clean. The blades are sharp. Please be careful.
CONVENIENT GADGET: Make food preparation funny and easy. Just pull the ring few times to chop/mince/blend your ingredients.
GUARANTEE: We stand behind our products 100% with a 12-MONTH warranty. Please note that we cannot guarantee any foods you choose can be chopped, minced or blended. Don’t worry. we do offer a 30-DAY money-back guarantee on all orders to allow you to test the suitability of our product. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues with the product. Please refer the User Manual before use.