JM Posner Simply Entertaining Halogen Popcorn Maker – Home Popcorn Machine by JMP For The Home

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Introducing the newest and best way of making Popcorn. Our funky and stylish popcorn machine utilises brand new halogen technology so you can now make great tasting salted or sweet popcorn in your own home.

Most traditional home popcorn makers use hot air to pop the corn but this makes the taste very bland. Our Halogen popcorn makers allow the popcorn to ‘cook’ with different oils and flavours to give a professional taste to your fresh popcorn at home. With the built in stirring rod, the popcorn kernels rotate as they are popping to help for even cooking.

The corn will pop extremely quickly so you will have fresh popcorn within 3 minutes. The lid of the Popcorn Maker doubles up as a handy serving bowl, no mess, and simple to serve, the cooking tray is removable and easy to clean too.

Part of the JMP For The Home range.
Key Features of Popcorn Machines:
• Non stick coated popping surface • Cover flips to become a serving bowl • Exclusive motorized stirring rod • Heat-resistant handles and base • Halogen heater
Specifications: • Height: 24cm • Width: 36cm • Weight: 1.7kg • Electrical: AC 220-230V 50Hz 1000W
JMP introduces the all New Halogen Technology Popcorn Maker that cooks your popcorn in a matter of minutes!
The Popcorn Machine has an Exclusive Motorized Stirring Rod to Rotate Popcorn Around the Popcorn Maker for perfect Even Cooking
Creates Delicious Popcorn at Home and its easy, simply Spray Oil onto the surface, Add Seasonings and Kernels then just turn on and watch as the kernels pop pop pop away!
The Cover Flips over and becomes a Popcorn Serving Bowl creating an Easy Cleaning and Use
Popcorn Machines are a Fantastic Addition to any Kitchen whilst, also adding that special touch to any Party or movie night marathons in with family and friends!