ACEVIVI HC57 Hair Curler Curling Wand Ceramic Automatic Curling Iron Machine with Time/Temperature/Curling Direction Setting for All Hair Types

Guisee Hair Curl SkillThe Guisee Curl Styler has innovative automatic curl technology to effortlessly create natural-taking a look, free-flowing curls with long-lasting effect.

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Guisee Hair Curl Skill
The Guisee Curl Styler has innovative automatic curl technology to effortlessly create natural-taking a look, free-flowing curls with long-lasting effect.

Key Features
♦ Automatic curl technology
♦ Powerful heating system for fast curl formation
♦ Ceramic curl chamber for smooth curls
♦ 10 heat settings from 140℃ to 230℃ for thin, layered, and thick hair
♦ 4 timer settings with audio bleep indicator for varied curl effect
♦ Ionic de-frizz for reducing flyaways and static
♦ Alternating curl direction for a natural finish
♦ Auto shut off
♦ 2.0m swivel cord
♦ 1 year guarantee

The Right Amount of Hair
Each time a 1-1.5cm section of hair is drawn in to the curl chamber to give a natural, smooth finish.

Detail Operation Steps ☞ Video: http://bit.ly/2jSbR39
1. Brush your hair thoroughly. Make sure your hair is completely dry and there are no tangles;
2. Preheat your curler. You need to preheat your curler to get it to the optimal temperature, timer setting and curl direction;
3. Partition your hair into sections. Sections will have to be about 1-1.5cm wide;
4. Curl each section. Double check that the LCD Display needs to be facing the head; smooth/twirl the strand of hair and insert it into the curl chamber starting from the back of the appliance, then stretch your hair strands taut;
5. Press and hold the curl button, meanwhile let go of hair, you’ll hear it rolling into the chamber and also hear one beep, keep pressing the curl button as it starts heating and waiting for 8/10/12/15sec you set, release the curl button until you hear continuous beeps 4 times;
6. Gently pull the hair out of the machine

Please Note
1.Hair that has been heavily bleached or chemically treated will have to only use the low heat settings.
2.This styler is not designed to be used on very long hair and will have to not be used on hair lengths below the bust.
【Automatic Curling Technology】 – Hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly held, timed, and heated in all directions to create the sought-after smaller, tighter curls or larger waves, making it a great all-rounder
【Tourmaline Ceramic Curl Chamber】 – The specialized brushless motor heats up quickly and evenly, making the ceramic curl chamber easier to create waves in your hair and the end result will be a smoother, glossier style
【Anti-Tangle Sensor with Beep Alarm】 – It beeps at you if you put too much hair in and does not tangle it up; It beeps 5 times when it’s time to release the curl, pls do not release the maintain until hearing 5 beeps in total, which made it easier to prevent hair from overheating
【Varied Timer and Temperature】 – 4 timer settings (8-10-12-15 seconds) style your desired hair curling effect (rings, soft curls or beachy waves); Temperature range is between 140℃ and 230℃ for all hair types and lengths
【ATTENTION】 – The old user manual is not very clear for operation, before use, please kindly read the Detail Operation Steps and Video under DESCRIPTION; Especially to needless to say to all the time hold the curl button and DO NOT release the button until hear 4 continuous beeps; Operation Video: http://bit.ly/2jSbR39