ElectriQ Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Carpet and Hard Floors

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Save time and robo-vac your home

If youre anything like me and you value your free time, then the idea of a robot vacuum that automatically cleans your house probably sounds like a dream gadget. Thankfully, this clever little cleaner does exactly that and at a dream price! Its one of the best value robot vacuums on the market – In fact, youll be hard done by to find a regular vacuum cleaner at a better price.

The first thing youll notice about this great vac is how refreshingly simple is it to use. Theres no overcomplicated programmes or confusing settings to worry about. Instead, all you need to do is decide on how long you want it to clean for from the choice of three buttons at the top of the vac and itll get straight to work. You can choose a 30, 60 or an impressive 90 minute clean depending on how big your room is. I personally like the 90 minute option because i can set the vac to clean just before Im about to sit down to watch the weekends football, then by the time the refs final whistle sounds, I can relax in a room thats all spic and span – all without ever having to lift a finger!

This superb little vac measures in at the same height as a five pound note, so its able to whizz under things like sofas and beds with ease, cleaning up any hard-to-reach dust and dirt that would otherwise be overlooked. Theres a series of built-in sensors at the front of the vac which enable it to get about the room without bumping into objects and causing any damage, so you dont have to worry about it knocking over any furniture or getting stuck in a corner. You can literally just switch it on and forget about it. The vac works on most flat floors including tile, laminate and short-pile carpets and features a built-in carry handle for you to move it from room to room with ease. Plus, it features a bagless design and bin release button for you to conveniently empty any debris into your bin at the touch of a button.

Slim profile allows the robot vac to clean under your furniture
One touch operation with 3 automated cleaning programs to ensure the best cleaning results
Cleans all surfaces such as hard wood, tile, carpet, vinyl etc.
Edge cleaning brush to help clean the tricky corners and edges of your rooms
LED light showing charging status and blockage indicator for easy maintenance