electriQ Built-in 34 Litre Combination Steam Microwave Oven with onsite Warranty

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What stands out

  • Enjoy tastier, healthier food with the steam function
  • 4-in-1 cooking with a microwave, oven, grill and steam oven
  • Large 34L capacity
  • The flatbed design makes it easy to cook larger dishes
  • Simple-to-use touch controls give you instant response

The details

By steaming dishes, you can enjoy tasty and beautifully cooked results with all their nutrients locked in. Just top it up with water, select the steam function and you’re good to go. There’s no need for any oil or butter either, reducing fat levels instantly.

It’s 4-in-1 so there’s not a lot it can’t do. Use it as a conventional microwave and, with an impressive 900W of power, cooking or reheating items is really fast and efficient. It has a large 34L capacity which makes the grill function ideal for cooking smaller items while the convection oven reaches up to 230C, perfect for small roasts and more.

With an unbranded glossy black finish and silver detail, it suits most kitchen styles, sitting alongside your other appliances seamlessly. There’s an LED display which gives all the information you need as you cook with touch controls for easy adjustment.

Essential info

  • Capacity: 34L
  • Controls: Touch
  • Installation: Hard wire
  • Dimensions: H 454 x W 595 x D 525mm
  • Niche dimensions: H 450 x W 560 x D 550mm

More info

  • 4-in-1 combination microwave
  • Microwave up to 900W
  • Oven up to 230degreesC
  • Easy clean interior
  • Large 34L capacity
  • Steam function with removable water cartridge
  • Flatbed design perfect for larger dishes
  • 1 year warranty

Enjoy cooking with healthy and really tasty results thanks to the intuitive steam cooking function. The steam locks in nutrients and flavour, giving you a healthy dish without any need for butter or cooking oils.
Cooking using steam results in really moist and juicy meats while vegetables retain their crunch, giving you really tasty results without the need for heavy sauces or seasoning.
4-in-1, there�s not much this microwave can�t do. With the ability to use it as a conventional microwave, you can enjoy an impressive 900W of power which helps to reduce cooking and reheating times.
Use it as a conventional oven with a maximum temperature of 230C, while the grill function is perfect for smaller items. With a 34L capacity and flatbed design, it�s easy to use larger dishes, even helping you to prepare small roasts.
On the outside, this combination microwave looks great. With a glossy black and silver finish, it suits most kitchen styles, seamlessly sitting alongside your other appliances. An LED display gives you all the information you need while you cook.