Duronic WM11 /SS 1100W Stainless Steel Rotating Delicious Fresh Evenly Cooked Belgian Waffle Maker/Waffle Iron

The Duronic WM11 Rotating Waffle Maker

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The Duronic WM11 Rotating Waffle Maker

What’s special about rotating waffle maker? The great benefit of a rotating waffle maker is that you get an evenly cooked waffle when the batter is evenly spread out. Some waffle makers will produce your waffle with corners missing or the shape distorted because the batter did not get to the correct places in the cooking plate. With the Duronic waffle maker you do not have to worry about the shape as once it’s rotated and the batter reaches the whole cooking plate resulting in beautiful looking waffles.

Waffles are easy to make, you won’t be buying these from the supermarkets or dessert parlours, once you realise you can create your own waffles the way you like it; and they come out hot and super fresh. The waffle maker requires the basic batter which can be tweaked around with different essences to match the flavours you like.

Basic waffle recipe: 2 eggs, 250g plain flour, 475ml milk, 7g baking powder, 20g caster sugar, 5g salt and 30ml vegetable oil.

Add further ingredients such as vanilla essence or cinnamon flavours to batter as to taste.

Special Features:

Rotating operations

Power/Ready indicator

Contemporary design

Non-Stick cooking plate

Removable drip tray

Thermostat to control browning

Folding handle for ease of use and storage

Technical specification:




Warranty: 1 Year

Making deliciously hot, fresh waffle’s at home is now possible at a flick of a switch. Our waffle maker will allow you to create evenly cooked waffle’s thanks to its clever rotating body which will allow batter to be evenly spread out in the non-stick coated cooking plates, which will result in beautiful waffles like the ones you see in the dessert parlours or supermarket.
The Duronic WM11 waffle maker comes in both stainless steel and black finish so you can choose whichever goes nicely with your kitchen. This unit comes with an efficient 1100W heating power to help create the perfect waffle, the rotating waffle maker also has adjustable thermostat so you can cook the waffle slowly and use less power if required, and this feature is perfect to control browning.
The Duronic waffle maker comes packed in a box with English manual, its design means there is less fiddling about with set up. There are red indicator that tells you the unit has power coming to it and green indicators to alert you when the waffle is ready, as stated before the thermostat control will allow you to brown the waffle.
The waffle maker will create a circular 7 inch waffle by cooking 4 equal parts stuck together. So if you are sharing the waffle amongst 4 or 2 people then you can easily take the cooked waffle apart. Those waffles we see in the dessert parlours topped with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavoured ice cream is now super easy, super quick and doesn’t cost as much as
A bonus accessory that comes with this device is its drip tray, if there are any accidents the tray will catch your batter, and not leave a mess on your worktop, table cloth or where you may use it on. The clever handle closes so it does not take too much space in the cupboard when storing it away.