Duronic Pedestal Fan FN40 Black | Oscillating Rotating | Three Speed Settings | Floor Standing | Height Adjustable | 16…

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The Duronic FN40BK Stand Fan with Timer

Summer is here and we all need a little extra help in cooling down. The Duronic FN40 is a great summer fan. Not only is it built with a powerful and efficient 60W motor. We ensure our fans past the strict CE safety testing that ensures all products are safe to be sold in any country in Europe. A BS standard UK plug is fitted to enable it to work with UK mains outlets. We provide a manual to help you install the fan, you can be up and running in less than 10 minutes, all you need is a small Philips screwdriver.

Special Features

Powerful and efficient 60W motor

5 Piece blade to capture more air

3 speeds to keep you in control in different scenarios

Adjustable height for use with users of different height

Oscillating head to give cool air at an angle of 90 degrees

Weighted round base for extra sturdiness

1 Year Warranty

A STAND FAN | PEDESTAL FAN FOR HOME OR OFFICE: The Duronic FN40 Fan has a Powerful 60W motor which will ensure the blades turn at high speed giving you enough air to cool you down quickly. There are many fans on the market that operate with a 40W motor; our fan is significantly more powerful which can be noticed in performance.
5 PART AERODYNAMIC BLADES FOR OPTIMAL AIR: This cooling fan has a 5 Piece blade which will capture more air in a single turn to generate more cool air. There are 3 speeds for you to choose from depending on how much fan speed you need; this ensures that you are always in control of the cool air in your hum or office.
A SUMMER FAN WITH TIMER: If you need the fan switched on for a small amount of time for whatever reason, than this unit is ideal for you as it has a 60 minute timer where after 60 minutes it turns itself off. You can also have it continuously on if you desire by selecting the switched button.
A FAN DESIGNED WITH THE USER IN MIND: This summer fan has adjustable tilt function, which will allow the fan to blow air upwards or downwards. The height of the pedestal fan also can be changed to suit the user’s requirement. A Motorised of the head make the fans head move right and left keeping the room cool in more than one direction. The positioning of the head can also be static if desired.
SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT FOR THIS COOLING FAN: The mesh grill will stop children in put their finger though the grill and thus risking any injury. The weighted round base provides extra stability so it does not fall over easily. Minimal assembly required, it comes in pieces in a box with manual to help you easily fix the unit. For safety we only recommend indoor use only.