Duronic CM125 Digital Clock & Timer Display 10 Cup Filter 1.25L Coffee Maker

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The Duronic CM125 Filtered Coffee Maker Makes Deliciously Fresh Filtered Coffee

Now you can always stay ahead of the time by enabling this coffee machine to program itself so that it has fresh tasty coffee ready just when you need it. Just program the clock just before the time you want the coffee ready and leave the unit to do the rest every morning as required.

The clever keep warm function is perfect for where coffee is consumed regularly and needs to be kept warm so you are ready to have it on demand. The glass carafe has a safety button to enable you to open the lid, hence reducing the risk of accidents happening.

Our coffee maker will make up to 10 cups. There are indicators on the water level and the carafe so you will always know how much water and coffee is required at each step so you always make the amount you use.

This unit is so good that we use this at our Duronic office every day, and have made sure it has passed our extensive tests so that we bring a product to market that our customers will love.

Making delicious, freshly filtered coffee is only a button’s press away with the all new Duronic CM125 coffee maker. This coffee machine has been made with the user in mind hence it’s extremely easy to use. The top lid gives access to the water compartment and the mesh filter. The glass carafe has a 10 cup capacity, and is clearly marked for ease of use.
The Duronic Coffee Machine has a programmable clock; this is so functional if time is of the essence. Set your coffee maker in the morning and have your coffee ready just when you need it so there is no waiting around for fresh hot coffee in the morning.
We have optimized the heating element, so this coffee machine uses 1000W to warm the water, so you have your coffee as quick as possible without wasting too much wattage. A clever keep warm function is incorporated in this coffee maker so if you are having coffee throughout the day, then you will have access to hot coffee on demand.
The mesh filter has been designed so you can easily remove it using the integrated carry handle, empty the old coffee and easily was the high quality mesh filter. All the other washable parts can be easily removed and washed helping you to maintain a fresh clean coffee maker without too much hassle.
The unit has integrated rubber feet so it maintains a good grip on the flat worktop. A UK 3 pin plug with 230V~50Hz and 1000W power runs the unit. On both side of the unit you have clearly marked visible water tank to help you fill the tank to the required level. Size: 20(W) X 23(D) X 34.5(H) CM.