Duronic BL102 Smoothie Blender 1000W 1.5L Glass Jug Table Blender | Stainless Steel | Ninja Sharp Blades

The Duronic BL10 Blender

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The Duronic BL10 Blender

The BL10 by Duronic is one of the most superior blenders of this power you will find in today’s market, constructed diligently with the most high end materials to provide you with the ultimate blending experience. Consisting of an incredibly powerful 1000W motor, it will blend almost anything to the smoothest texture.

Variable Speed with 3 Pre Set Functions: A variable speed allows you to control the blending speed. Not all ingredients will require the full blending power. The variable speed keeps you in control so the desired output can be achieved easily.

Pulse: There is a pulse function button which will come in handy on situations where you need to do a small amount of blending at a time or you want to reach that perfect result with that little bit of extra blending. It’s great when you don’t want to over blend.

Crush Ice: Mix ice with water or your chosen drink and use the ice function to get a cold, icy drink – perfect for a summers day! If you wish to crush ice on its own, simply put the ice directly into the jug in small quantities and make sure that the blades come in contact with the ice.

Smoothies: This machine will blend everything to the finest texture that a lot of other blenders fail to do. It will make your smoothies more nutritious when you manage to extract all of the goodness from your produce.

VERY IMPORTANT : Not suitable for blending hot soup.

1 Year Warranty for home users only.

The Duronic BL10 has been designed to increase blending control with the choice of a variable speed control and 3 Pre-set programme for Pulse function, Ice crush and Smoothies
The powerful 1000w motor is very efficient and the stainless stell blades have been designed to be able to blend a variety of fruit, vegetables and ice.
The unit has a thick glass jug with a capacity of 1.5L. **Please note** if blending hot ingredients in any type of glass jug, you must let the glass jug cool down before washing. This is a rule of thumb with all glass products.
The body of the unit has a smooth, sleek design which will look good in every kitchen. The simple and user-friendly deign makes blending quick and easy. You can also add ingredients during the blending process with the cap on top of the lid.
Please note this blender is not for commercial purposes, it’s a home product. All parts other than the motor unit are dishwasher safe. We give 1 Years Warrantee to home users only. The jugs blade can be removed if you wish to do a deep cleaning of the whole jug.