Crenova VS200S Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Food Vacuum Sealing Machine Keep Fresh Up to 7x Longer, Sous Vide Assistant…

Why do you need a Crenova VS200S? The food will lose flavor and nutrition when it is exposure to air, the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold will cause food

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Why do you need a Crenova VS200S?
The food will lose flavor and nutrition when it is exposure to air, the growth of bacteria, yeast and mold will cause food deterioration. The Crenova VS200S Vacuum Sealer removes air and locks in all the flavor and guarantee freshness. The Crenova VS200 Vacuum Sealer allows you to keep your food fresh up to 7 times longer.

Outstanding Features
Save Money
With the Crenova Vacuum Sealing System, you can buy in bulk with discount from your local supermarkets or warehouses, then vacuum & seal the food in your desired portions without wasting any food.

Reduce the Time Consumption
Be prepared for parties with make-ahead appetizer, main course and dessert which can be prepped the week before. All the food can be flavored with seasonings and kept in the sealer bags we provided, you will never spend too much time on the food with the Crenova Vacuum Sealer.

Enjoy Your Favorite Food
Keep in-season produce, highly perishable veggies & fruits and infrequently consumed food all in the freezer for months to come. The Crenova Vacuum Sealing System keeps the freshness and the flavor longer, just store your favorite food to enjoy off season.

Protect and Organize Non-food Items
The Crenova Vacuum Sealer helps you to protect collectibles from mold and humidity, to prevent metals from corroding and to organize the small items and accessories.

Technical Specifications
Case Material: ABS plastic
Seal Width: 30cm Max.
Operating Time (vacuum & seal): 10-20 seconds
Sealing Time: 6-10 seconds
Vacuum Pressure: -0.8bar
Rated Power: 110W
Cooling Time (after each use): 40 seconds

What’s in your box?
1 x Crenova VS200S Vacuum Sealer
1 x Vacuum Sealer Roll
10 x Vacuum Sealer Bags
1 x Accessory Hose
1 x User’s Manual
*Reliable Kitchen Helper* Enjoy delicious and fresh food every day with the Crenova VS200’s help, it keeps fresh up to 7 times longer than ordinary storage methods. Effectively extend the shelf life and keep the flavor of your food.
*Powerful Multifunction* 1.Remove all the air with -0.8bar strong pressure; 2.Quick status check with 3 intelligent LED indicator lights; 3. Operate easily with automatic vacuum & seal system; 4. Achieve optimum sealing results with separate moist and dry food settings; 5. Include an accessory hose which is available for sealer bags, containers, mason jars etc.
*Versatile Application* The Crenova VS200S is perfect for preserving different kinds of food, such as fresh meat, fruits, nuts and snacks, remaining the crisp, fresh and original flavor of the food. It also can be used for letters, magazines, clothes and many other household items storage, preventing from dust and humidity.
*Complete Airtight Seal* 3MM-width sealing strip offers 100% airtight seal; compatible with almost all types of sealer bags sold in market(max. width is 30cm); free full-set accessories include: 1 x vacuum sealer roll, 10 x vacuum sealer bags and 1 x accessory hose.
*Guaranteed Warranty* One-year free refund or replacement warranty and lifetime dedicated customer service make your product with confidence.