VIVREAL Powerful 7-1 Handheld Clothes Steamer. Wrinkle Remove-Steam-Clean-Sterilize-Sanitize-Treat-Defrost. Portable…

The BEST Ultra Handheld Garment Steamer is NOW AVAILABLE!

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The BEST Ultra Handheld Garment Steamer is NOW AVAILABLE!

Looking for an easiest and effective way to perfectly straighten clothes?
Here is the answer! The VIVREAL garment steamer is 100% what you need. The most effective tool to erase all fabric wrinkles and creases! Wait only 90 seconds to create steam and steam lasts for 8 straight minutes helping you straighten all your family’s clothes at once.

Practical, Ergonomic And Portable Design for Everyday/Travel Use
This incredible portable steamer features an ideally practical, compact and lightweight design. Pack it in your luggage and look elegant and smart everywhere you go. This travel steamer provides you with a firm, steady grip, allowing you to handle it effortlessly.

A Must Have, Multi Fabric Steamer for Every Household/Traveler
The most wonderful fast heat up clothes steamer in Amazon is the A-Grade choice for straightening clothes, beddings, carpets, curtains, linens, suits, sofas, automotive interior and anything else with covered by fabrics!

Product Features:
Heat up time: 80 seconds
Working time: 8 minutes

1. Fill the tank with water to the desired level. Never surpass the maximum level. When finished, lock the head back on.
2. Turn the ON/OFF switch to the ON position, the switch light indicates the compact garment steamer is on. Steamer will emit steam from nozzle in 80 seconds.
3. Your steamer for clothes has a resetting function. When the unite runs out of water, it will reset automatically to ensure your safety while leaving the indicator light ON.
4. When finished with your steaming session, place the ON/OFF switch in the OFF position and unplug from the outlet.

You have nothing to worry about, we offer A FULL 1-YEAR WARRANTY, 90 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Click “Add to Basket” button right now!
ULTRA FAST HEAT UP: Just simply fill it with tap water and plug it in to create steam. Thanks to the fast heat-up technology, the hand held garment steamer needs only 80 seconds to get ready. The 100mlwater reservoir (130ml Volume) allows you to go on steaming for 8 straight minutes. No more ironing boards and irons that take ages to heat up. This clothes steamer is portable and much easier to use than traditional steam iron. Erase fabric wrinkles right now!
INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE AS A PORTABLE HAND HELD STEAMER: As a portable clothes steamer, this is one of the best garment steamers in market makes straightening clothes and fabrics much easier for you. Producing ample, continuous steam and are lightweight and easy to maneuver is best for soft fabrics (like cotton jersey), garments that are difficult to press (like a suit jacket), and certainly for travel. Your fabrics will look crisp in no time, giving you a sleek, impressive appearance.
YOU CAN CARRY IT EVERYWHERE: Forget stupid heavy irons, this steam iron features a real light weight, compact and comfortable design. Packing it in your luggage will never be an issue. For quickly removing. In addition, this garment steamer are very handy to have around for light household duties like de-wrinkling clothing, curtains and items like bed skirts.
WORKS ON DIFFERENT FABRICS: The VIVREAL clothes steamer works not only as a clothes straightening tool, but also works on suits, sofas, bedding’s, curtains, carpets, automotive interior and many more! Fabric, cotton, nylon and other types of clothes can be smoothed well by this mini fabric steamer.
100% SAFE & NO RISK: Providing the best quality product and best customer service is our NO.1 principle. We offer a 90 day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty for this handheld steamer. Try it now! IMPORTANT: All garment steamers are not expert at sharp creases and crisp fabrics, like dress shirts. TINY TIPS: To achieve best results, press the clothes against wall or stretch the clothes by pulling and tugging them or place the steamer closer to it or on it while steaming is suggested.