Breathe Fresh Air 3 in 1 Air Cleaning system purifier true HEPA UV-C Odor Reducer Sanitizer Table 28CM

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We spend a majority part of lives indoors. why not breathe in fresh air? Symptoms of unclean air you and your family breathe in daily may or may not be noticeable but over time could yield long term effects, like allergies.

Take the first step in removing many of the contaminants including pollen, pet dander, mold, and dust trapped in your home with the Breathe Fresh air purifier. Highlights of Our Product: Powerful and Compact: Ideal for small to medium sized rooms at 28 CM tall .

HEPA Removes Indoor Air Pollution: Hepa Filter traps the harmful particles found in your home such as pet dander, smoke and dust. Suitable for medium sized rooms.

Breathe Fresh air purifier helps to capture microscopic allergens and air pollutants. In operation, Breathe Fresh Air purifier attracts and captures microscopic allergens like pet dander, smoke, dust and microscopic particles that can carry bacteria, viruses and odors. The HEPA Filter (High Efficiency Particulate air) is a mechanical air filter that traps the harmful particles lingering in your home or business.

In addition, with clean air comes freshness throughout your home. Not only will the air you breathe in be fresh but the atmospheric smell in your home will be more pleasant and odor free. The unit comes with multiple levels of cleaning to really clean your Space.

Gets rid of odors and smoke particles from the air

UV Sterilizer kills off f Viruses, germs, bacteria. Activated Carbon cuts down on odors such as tobacco smoke, cooking, pet odors.

HEPA Filter catches Dust mites, plant pollen, pet dander and other allergens.

Dimensions 19cm X 16.5cm x 28cm

Great for small areas

30 day unconditional Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy & 1 Year warranty

Comes with True Hepa Filtration system – captures f Dust mites, plant pollen, pet dander and other allergens. Can be run all day if needed
UV-C Light included – works with the filter to kill viruses, bacteria, mold spores by breaking down their DNA and killing them off.
28 CM table ready Air Purifier is perfect for smaller spaces to medium sized rooms.
3 Speed Control – Indicator lets you know when filter replacement needed- replacement filters available here- https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B077H261MW
Activated Carbon and PCO filter help reduce bad smells from smoking, cooking, pets, mildew, dirty diapers and whatever life throws your way. 30 day satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy. 1 year warranty. UK Plug 230 V