BakePro – 72 pcs Deluxe Stainless Steel Cake, Biscuit and Icing set with 27 discs, 8 nozzles, macaron baking sheet…

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> Electric icing decoration pen kit. Gives you powers to decorate like a pro with ease. The electric pen offers precision control to create fine drawing, lettering, borders etc. Fitted with 2-speed controls and interchangeable tips to suit any design and it minimizes wastage of frosting. Comes with 2 x AA batteries.

> The decorating bottles plus nozzle and angled icing spatula are made form high quality materials for durability and ease of use. Perfect for icing and fondant.

> A set including a whisker, scooper, blender and brush. All made from food-grade materials.

> 6 pc silicon cupcakes, muffins, ice, cookie, chocolate, jelly, muffin or pudding moulds.

> A 3-piece silicon macaroon decorating set with double-sided baking sheet and leak-proof piping kettle give your usual macarons a makeover.

– 36 pieces deluxe Icing and baking stainless steel set with 27 x nozzles and 8 x discs. (Size: 31 x 12 x 22 Cm, Weight: 700 g)
– 14 pc electric decorating pen set (Size: 27 x 5 x 5 Cm, Weight: 380 g)
– 8 pcs Baking decorating set, 3pcs decorating bottle + 1pc icing angled spatula + 4 plastic Nozzles
> Bottle 1 – 5 cm x 7 cm
> Bottle 2 – 5 cm x 12 cm
> Bottle 3, Double Color – 5 cm x 15 cm
> Spatula: 8 inch
> 4 various types of plastic nozzles
– 4 pcs spatula, whisker, scooper, blender and brush
– 6 pcs soft silicone premium round cake muffin coloured Case
> Diameter: 4.5 cm to 7 cm top
> Height 3.5 cm
– 3 pcs Macaroon baking sheet and piping kettle plus decorating nozzle
> Macaroon double sided baking sheet: 31.5 x 22.5 cm, 48 Small Macarons, 20 Large Macarons
> Decorating and piping kettle: 11.5 x 8.5 cm

BakePro – 72 pcs Deluxe Stainless Steel Cake, Biscuit and Icing set with 27 discs, 8 nozzles, macaron baking sheet + piping kettle, 14pcs ELECTRIC decorating pen set, 8 pc icing and fondant decorating bottles with double colour option, angled spatula, 6 pcs soft silicon cup cake mold and 4 preparation accessories + FREE IDEAS Booklet
The Ultimate baking tool-kit to help you master the art of creative and decorative baking. | A must buy for all baking enthusiasts worldwide
The set features an eco-friendly 36 piece deluxe baking and icing set with 27 different discs for biscuits to choose from as well as 8 different nozzles for icing. | A perfect decoration supplement kit for bakers to create amazing masterpieces.
Bakepro is made from stainless steel for durability and Quality. | Nozzles and templates are dishwasher safe, all other components need hand washing.
Non-Toxic and durable silicone suitable for oven, microwave and refrigeration. | Non stick, easy cleaning, temeprature resistant and flexible.