Argus Le Nano Ironic Facial Steamer Home SPA Hot Mist Sauna Face Steamer Warm Mist for Opening Pores Face Moisturizing…

Do you Know 90% skin problems are caused by moisture lacking? Do you want to keep your skin nourishing and have watery bright skin-tone?

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Do you Know 90% skin problems are caused by moisture lacking?
Do you want to keep your skin nourishing and have watery bright skin-tone?

Using Argus Le Facial Steamer You Can:
①Replenish moisture and nourish your skin
②Open your pores to clean your face or remove the make-up deeplycrystal necklace flower crystal necklace heart necklace
③Open your pores before use mask so that can assimilate the mask essence better

How To Use Argus Le Facial Steamer?
①Fill distilled or purified water into water tank(also can put some essential oil on cotton pad equably into the little anther box)
②Power on, the power light turns red means the steamer is charging
③After about 40s charging, touch the power button gently, power light turns blue means the steamer is working
④Put steamer nozzle toward to your face and keep your face recommended least 20cm (8”) away from it so that the steam can cover your entire face
What Do You Have To Notice?
①DO NOT fill hot water or add any chemicals into water tank
②Run for a full tank of water with a few drops of lemonade to remove any odors from manufacturing at the 1st time using
③Working at room temperature, the steamer’s outlet temperature is 208.4F(98℃) and the temperature 20cm away from the outlet is 104F(40℃). Please assure to keep your face LEAST 20cm away from it in case will hurt your skin. While it’s working, DO NOT touch the main unit by hand, you can hold its handle to carry it when it’s needed
④Steam your face 2~3 times per week, not more than 15mins for each ⑤After using it, please start cleansing or do further care with your skin in case the water evaporates would make your skin get dry
⑥Wipe the steamer and the water tank dry every time after use

Argus Le Facial Steamer gives you a convenient and comfortable using experience with a wonderful results
Portable Face Steamer For Home SPA: The face spa sprayer quickly generate smooth and consistent steam mist so that can effectively open pores for deep cleansing.The nanocare sauna facial steamer with a removable water tank and one touch-panel for operation design is easy and convinent to have a comfortable face steam SPA and skin care at home, office, salon, etc. What’s more,NO slip base and power interface,Easy to clean.
Moisturizing Deep Cleansing Skin: The Nano Face Steamer Steaming with Micro-Fine Particles Warm Mist for 8-10 minutes can Remove Dirt, Oil & Makeup Residue;Open pore for Congestion Relief;Soften Skin,Improve essence,toner,cream and nutrition absorb into the skin.Best For Face Mask & Steam Facial Care.
Advanced Nano Ultrasonic Hot Mist Technology:Ultrasonic vibrate water into Nano-sized particles which can penetrate face skin and supplement moisture effectively. It can also improve skin’s nutritional absorbency while doing facial steaming. Skin can maintain a beautiful natural-looking complexion and feel refreshed.You can enjoy personal sauna aromatherapy face stemer SPA and quality skin care at home.
Aromatherapy Diffuser & Interior Humidifier Design: The Special Pollen Box Design face steamer can not only spray steam with distilled water or purified water, but also can work with milk, essential oil or other liquid. A special and unique box design on the steam outlet, you can put dried flowers and cotton pads that absorbed milk or essential oil on the box for steaming. The steamer can also run as an Interior Humidifier in Any Weather for humidification.
After Sales Guarantee:The Only Official Argus Le Brand Store on Amazon.This facial ionic steamer comes with 1-Month Free Trial & 2-Year Warranty. You have no risk to try our Nano Face Steamer to Steam Face.