Andrew James Slow Cooker In Black, 380 Watts, 8 Litre Capacity | Tempered Glass Lid | Make up to 30 Portions | Removable…

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With your Andrew James 8L Slow Cooker, you can make delicious, home-cooked meals for your family and friends. The large and generous capacity of this slow cooker pot makes it ideal for large families or those who simply want to cook batches of food all at once to make cooking dinner easier during the week.

Traditional cooking methods such as boiling and steaming all expose food to high levels of heat, which can cause nutrients to be released and disappear. The process of gentle simmering and low heat in a slow cooker ensures that nutrients are not destroyed, while also keeping them locked into your dish. The longer cooking time allows better distribution of the flavours in many recipes.

Not limited to just savoury sensations, this spacious slow cooker can be used to whip up a multitude of scrumptious desserts such as hot fudge cake, fruit cobblers, gooey brownies, and pineapple upside-down cake just to name a few.

The strong tempered glass lid locks in moisture to ensure the meat you are cooking is tender and succulent. This also means that you can check on the progress of your food during cooking without the need to lift the lid. After using your slow cooker the best way to clean out the inner bowl is simply with warm, soapy water.

A slow cooker means you can enjoy a economical, convenient method of preparing and cooking meals for you or for the whole family. This 380W model uses less electricity than a conventional oven, meaning you can cook delicious meals for a fraction of the cost.

When you struggle to find the motivation to cook a hearty meal after a busy day at work, then slow cookers are the ideal solution. Simply place your ingredients into the pot and let your slow cooker work its magic while you get on with other things in the house. So while you’re catching up with washing or your favourite TV show, your food will simmer away so you can enjoy a delicious, home-cooked meal without having to lift a finger.

FAMILY-SIZE 8L SLOW COOKER — This Andrew James Slow Cooker boasts a generous capacity of 8 litres so you can cook plenty of delicious, home-cooked meals for the whole family, including curries, stews, casseroles, and even breakfast or dessert.
REMOVABLE CERAMIC BOWL & TEMPERED GLASS LID — The ceramic bowl with your slow cooker is removable so you can easily transfer it to your dining room table. The transparent, tempered glass lid allows you to check on the progress of your food during cooking.
3 TEMPERATURE SETTINGS — Features 3 temperature settings: high, low, and auto. When it is set to auto, it will cook on high then switch to low to maintain a constant cooking temperature.
ECONOMICAL & CONVENIENT — These economical 380W slow cookers use less electricity than a conventional oven, meaning you can cook delicious meals for a fraction of the cost. You can also turn more economical cuts of meat into juicy morsels.
2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY — Shop with confidence. Your Andrew James 8L Slow Cooker is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.