Andrew James Meat Mincer Grinder Sausage Maker Stuffer | 3 Grinding Blades 3 Nozzles & Attachments | 700w | White

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How Do You Use a Meat Grinder?

A meat grinder, or meat mincer as they are otherwise known, turn your standard cuts of raw meat into mince for meatballs, sausages, lasagne, chilli, and a wealth of other delicious meals. This machine comes with 3 different grinding plates for fine, medium and coarse mincing. Our top tip is to make sure the meat is cold (but not frozen) as this makes it easier to process. Turn the 700w machine on to half power and push the meat through the hopper at the top and collect your mince at the bottom. You can switch to full power for tougher cuts and the handy reverse function helps to clear any blockages.

This meat grinder is also a brilliant sausage maker and we’ve included three different sausage stuffer attachments so you can make your own pork, beef, chicken, herby or spicey sausages.

What Can You Make With an Electric Meat Mincer?

Burgers, sausages, mince meat, pates & pastes, falafel, vegan sausages, meatballs, the list is extensive! You can also use it to make pet food if you four legged friend is on a raw food diet. We recommend using this meat mincer with raw meat rather than cooked items, and it should not be used to grind bones.

Is It Easy To Fill The Sausage Casings?

Yes, simply put the sausage stuffer attachment over the mincing blade then feed your casing onto the end of the nozzle. Then put all your sausage ingredients through the meat grinder into your sausage casings. You can choose to mince the meat first then add in herbs and seasoning etc., as you mince it a second time into the casings, or pass everything through the sausage maker just once.

What is a Kibbe Attachment For?

Kibbe (also known as Kibble or Kibbeh) is a middle eastern dish made by encasing spiced lamb in a wheat based shell. The specialised kibbe attachment that comes with your meat grinder has been designed to make filling these cases easy.

ELECTRIC MEAT GRINDER — Mince and grind meat along with other foods like fish, peppers, etc., using the 700 watt Andrew James Electric Meat Grinder. This powerful machine is designed for domestic use.
3 STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING PLATE SIZES – These dishwasher safe and effective grinding plates come in fine, medium and coarse blade sizes. You can run the mincer on full or half power and there’s a handy reverse function to help clear any blockages.
3 SAUSAGE MAKER ADAPTORS – Your premium electric meat grinder comes with 3 sausage making adaptors so you can make small, medium and large sausages. We’ve also included a Kibbe attachment, (also called kebbah, kubbeh, kubbah or kubb).
EASY TO CLEAN – Remove and wash the stainless steel tray, grinding plates and attachments with ease. Stainless steel elements can be washed by hand in warm soapy water or put through the dishwasher.
2-YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY – Shop in confidence. Your Andrew James Meat Grinder & Sausage Maker is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.