Andrew James Electric Induction Hob | 20001 Portable Digital Hot Plate with 13amp Plug

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The Andrew James Single Electric Induction Hob is ideal for any one who has limited kitchen space. At 29×35.5cm, and under 7cm high, this powerful 2000W table top hot plate will boil, fry or steam your food and then store neatly away in a cupboard to free up space. It is also brilliant for self catering holidays in a caravan or camping. With a 13 amp plug and lead included, the induction hob can plug in anywhere you have a power source.

This electric hob has a solid, single ring hot plate made from A grade black crystalised glass that looks great and is easy to clean. By using induction technology for your pans this hob is fast heating, safe and economical to use.

Automatic Switch Off

Induction hot plates are inherently safe to use but we have added the extra automatic switch-off feature. Your electric hob plate will not turn on and heat up unless a compatible pan is detected, and it will automatically turn off if that pan is removed.

We’ve also added non-slip feet to keep your hot plate stable during use on a table top or worktop.

Manual Temperature Control

Your Andrew James Induction Hob will heat between 60 – 240°C and can be changed by 5 degree intervals using the touch sensitive control panel. Alternatively, choose from one of the 10 pre-set heat functions. Your choice will be displayed on the blue LED screen in the control panel.

For further control there is a 3 hour timer so you can set your hob cooker to heat up and turn off when you need it, perfect for busy cooks!

Compatible Pan Test

Only pots and pans made of ferrous (iron) materials should be used with induction hobs. Want to know if your current pan sets are compatible? Simply place a magnet underneath them. If the magnet sticks to the base they are made from iron and can be used as an induction hob saucepans.

POWERFUL PORTABLE INDUCTION HOB – The Andrew James Single Induction Hob provides powerful, safe and economical cooking that is also portable, use anywhere you have a power supply.
SAFETY SWITCH OFF – For your safety the electric hot plate will automatically turn off if it doesn’t detect a pan, or if an incompatible pan is present.
MANUAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL & 10 PRE-SET FUNCTIONS – Chose from one of the pre-set functions or manually select your own temperature, between 60 – 240°C using the touch sensitive control panel. There is also a 3 hour timer for full control over your cooking.
HIGH GLOSS EASY CLEAN FINISH – The solid hot plate is made from A Grade Black Crystal that uses pure copper coils for induction heating. The high gloss finish to the hot plate and control panel is easy to wipe down and clean.
2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY – Shop in confidence. Your Andrew James Single Electric Induction Hob is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. It comes complete with the power cord and 13amp plug.