Andrew James Classic Retro Hot Air Popcorn Maker For Fresh And Fat-Free Popcorn Includes Four Popcorn Boxes

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An essential product – the Andrew James Classic Popcorn Maker is a little taste of the cinema in your house.

We all dream of healthy snacks don’t we? Especially ones we will create at home and take on the move.

It’s so hard when you go out to the cinema and you just know the popcorn is full of sugar – and with all the studies into how bad sugar is for you, there’s that snack ruined!

But there is a way around it…by creating your own popcorn at home.

Healthy and versatile you’ll be able to be creative with a lot of different flavours! There is not any want to stick to traditional salty or sweet – why not try spicy Mexican popcorn? Or even lemon?

With its hot air circulation function, our Classic Popcorn Maker means your popcorn is fat free as no butter or oil is needed – it’s the healthy snack we’ve all been waiting for.

To make it efficient and easy to use, we’ve created a lid that doubles as the kernel scoop so you’ll be able to keep an eye on how much popcorn you make.

Within minutes you are going to have a beautiful, fluffy, delicious snack for settling down in front of a movie with or even for a popcorn bar at parties!

We kept the traditional style of the cinema in mind when designing this popcorn maker; the red and cream stripes match the design of the four popcorn boxes included bringing the feel of the cinema home.

This product makes a delightful present for film buffs and foodies alike – you’re sure to impress anyone in your life with this improbable popcorn maker!

Additional Information

Dimensions (cm): 17L x 15W x 24H

CINEMA EXPERIENCE — With the Andrew James Classic Popcorn Maker, you’ll be able to make delicious homemade popcorn. The set includes four cinema style boxes included, there’s enough for the whole family!
QUICK & HEALTHY — By the use of hot air circulation, your popcorn is created without oil or butter, making this a customisable, healthy snack.
LID DOUBLES AS SCOOP — Measure the perfect amount of popcorn kernels with the lid which doubles as a scoop.
ONE TOUCH OPERATION — Simple and easy to use, this Popcorn Machine takes minutes to heat up and create a fresh snack. Also a perfect gift for a cinema buff or fitness fanatic who craves a snack from a popcorn popper.
2 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY — Shop with confidence as the Andrew James Classic Retro Popcorn Maker is covered by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.