36000 BTU 10.5kW Super Slim DC Inverter Round Flow Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner – 4-Way Round Flow Air Conditioning…

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This electrIQ super slim ceiling cassette air conditioner is your perfect air conditioning solution for offices or combined installs in large areas. It frees up room on your walls and fits perfectly in standard ceiling tiles making it quick and easy to install.

It is not just a cooling air conditioner, it cools and heats to keep your environment at a stable and comfortable temperature.

Not only does it control your environment in terms of air temperature it also has a dehumidifier function to remove excess moisture from your air. In heating mode it is fitted with frost protection, it also comes with an integrated condensate pump and an auto-defrost function.


  • Outputs 36000BTU
  • Super slim profile – only 245mm depth
  • A++ ultra energy efficient Air Conditioner
  • Cools rooms up to a maximum of 90m2
  • DC Inverter with GMCC technology
  • 360 degree round air flow system
  • Unit is pre-gassed to 10 meters pipe run
  • Outputs 10.5W
  • Mono and multi-unit applications
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Operating down to -15 C outside temperature
  • Units are pre-gassed to 10 meters pipe run
  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • GMCC Compressor*

How to Install

Our units are designed to reduce the installation time. The indoor and outdoor units are pre-gased and sealed and they come with a pre-flared pipekit enabling the qualified fitter to easily install them. The indoor unit should be fitted to the wall using mounting plate supplied in the box. The condenser should be fixed on the ground or wall mounted on the outside of the wall with the optional wall-mounting bracket. The unit is supplied with a 5 metre copper pipe that will reduce the need to purchase additional parts. It is also supplied with electrical cable. Please ensure the qualified fitter reads the user manual in full before installing.

Ultra energy efficient with an A+ rating
Cools rooms up to a maximum of 90m� – perfect for commercial use
Extremely powerful performance
360 degree round air flow system
Super-slim unit – only 310mm in depth