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Krablr nets new leadership

Krablr nets new leadership News just in: We’re getting reports the board of Krablr has voted overwhelmingly to jettison the sole remaining founder, Wilson Poney, and install an interim CFO to take the company in a new old direction. “We’re going to make Krablr great again,” said chairman of the board, Goldie Seamann. “We’re not […]

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Krablr’s ICO is cookin’ on gas

Krablr’s ICO is cookin’ on gas How many second acts can a startup have before its procession of unlikely pirouettes must raise more than a quizzical eyebrow? It depends where you’re asking the question of course. And as we sit here, contemplating the smooth-faced Krablr founder, Wilson Poney, gazing out at the Pacific ice blue […]

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Krablr releases first diversity report

Krablr releases first diversity report Advertisement Things are going well for Krablr, the crab pricing messaging app for millennials. Now that the app has managed to attract millions of crab lovers the company faces more scrutiny. That’s why Krablr CEO Paul Paulson Black III just released the company’s first ever diversity report detailing the demographics […]

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